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Walker Consulting CEO Serves on Economic Recovery Committee Sub-committee

Walker Consulting CEO, Charo R. Walker-Morley, is now serving on the Economic Recovery Committee's (ERC) Commerce, Entrepreneurship & NextGen (Youth) Engagement Sub-committee.

"National Development is always at the core of every project or initiative that we engage with. Therefore, it brings me great joy to serve on the Commerce, Entrepreneurship & NexGen (Youth) Sub-committee of the Economic Recovery Committee," said Walker-Morley.

The Economic Recovery Committee was appointed by the Government of The Bahamas in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver policy recommendations that will guide the government’s strategy for recovery and the creation of an economy that is resilient, dynamic, inclusive and sustainable. The ERC comprises local economic thought leaders and is divided into ten sub-committees tasked with formulating policy recommendations specific to their sector.

Follow this link for more information on the ERC:

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