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14th Annual Girls Leadership Conference®

Walker Consulting CEO, Charo R. Walker-Morley, is pleased to participate in the 14th Annual Girls Leadership Conference on Friday, March 16th at the British Hilton Hotel. She will be a part of an all-female panel dubbed "Women on the Move' geared toward Junior and Senior High females.

The Annual Girls Leadership Conference® is the brainchild of S.T.R.A.W. Inc. ™ Center for Young Women © and a premier bold leadership training event exclusively for pre-teen, teen girls and young women. The goal of the conference is to provide a safe, no threatening, noncompetitive, entertaining and educational meeting and networking space for girls and young women (throughout The Bahamas) to meet their peers, understand what it means to be a girl, strengthen their voices, build camaraderie, and establish relationships with adults who will serve as resources for them.

Participants learn the importance of discipline, courage, networking, goal setting and the overall rewards of educational achievement. Conference attendance has averaged four (400) hundred girls every year and the conference continues to be the most relevant, interactive and dynamic training experience for school attending girls throughout New Providence.

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